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Vance Creek Railriders

Pedal into PNW fun at Vance Creek Railriders

Washington state has a rich railroad history. At Vance Creek Railriders, folks can take a scenic trip down the tracks. But there aren't any engines involved. It's all pedal power.

"It's a great family experience. We can take young and old. Families are just perfect for this. We get a little exercise... lots of good viewing of wildlife and lots of scenic waterways. It's a lot of fun for the family," said Douglas Newman, who co-owns Vance Creek Railriders with his wife, Cynthia.

Located in Shelton, Vance Creek Railriders utilizes four-seat recumbent bikes to take guests on a 13-mile, two-hour roundtrip on historic decommissioned train tracks that wind through a stunning forest.

"Depending on (what time of year) you come, there will be different things in bloom. There's lots of wildflowers. Especially on the morning rides, you'll see lots of wildlife," said Cynthia.

Rides are offered from late May through the first weekend of October. It's a great idea to schedule your turn during off-season. Online bookings for the 2023 season are available now through the Vance Creek Railriders website.

The trip starts on a downhill, rolling by picturesque family farms before moving deeper into the lush greenery. While all the scenery is stunning, the consensus is the prettiest part of the ride is towards the bottom of the route where the tracks follow Goldsborough Creek.

"The creek has etched channels into basalt. There's moss-covered maple trees overhanging everything. It's just a really pretty stretch down there," said Douglas.

Halfway through the ride, the crew turns the cars around. That's when the pedaling really starts. There are several uphill stretches on the way back home.

"If you pedal it all the way up, you do feel really good about yourself because it is a big workout," Cynthia shared.

Ultimately, the jello legs are worth it because this ride offers a chance to disconnect while exploring a stunning part of the Pacific Northwest.

"I do think it's peaceful. It's the peace and relaxation and a little bit of exercise. I like the combination of the two," said Cynthia.

"It's the most fun job I've ever had," added Douglas. It's nice to watch people smile."

Learn more about Vance Creek Railriders here.