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(Photo by TCS World Travel)
(Photo by TCS World Travel)
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Seattle luxury tour company will help plan a custom trip based on your genealogy

Summer is always the perfect time to travel, but with it winding down, you may be already planning your next trip.

TCS World Travel might be able to help you with that.

The luxury tour company has an extensive and rich history of helping customers plan their next journey. With dedicated and knowledgeable trip planners, you’re sure to have a catered and coordinated trip like you’ve never had before.

So, it’s no surprise that TCS has gone the extra mile to further guest experience.

Through a new partnership with Heritage Consulting, an elite genealogy research group, travelers can now get the chance to trace back their roots and plan a trip around their ancestry.

“Part of it was we were inspired by all of the trends going on right now with people looking into their heritage and genealogy,” said Heritage Concierge Anna Hawley. “We had also done a lot of trips where we had helped people kind of reconnect with their roots, so we thought it was a good meld of what we had already been doing and kind of playing to what the trend is also.”

Guests share any known family information and records, such as origin of paternal great grandmother, with a Heritage Consulting researcher who assesses the known information and analyzes the research potential.

After that, Heritage Consulting assigns the research project to one of their genealogists who are experts in the geographical area that the guest’s target ancestor is from.

Depending on the research objective, the genealogist will then delve into family information which would be added to the family-tree using genealogical software, creating pedigree charts and family group records for each couple represented on the pedigree chart.

A professionally written and detailed research report is provided at the end of the research project. The report will include all family relevant documents such as photographs, maps showing where life events transpired, compiled family histories, copies of family bibles, diaries, criminal records, land deeds, wills, inventories of estates and military records.

“The main thing in this is, obviously depending on the amount that the guest knows about their family and how much history they already know, we could find a lot,” said Hawley. “The consultant could find a lot about their family and heritage, they may not find a lot, so the process can happen in different ways based on what they find.”

“We had a family come to us and say, ‘I know my heritage is in Germany, but I’m not exactly sure where’,” said Elisabeth Nelson, Managing Director of Private Travel. “So, working with our partners, we were able to work out the village the family was from and were able to have them not only visit the castle but stay in the castle that had been previously owned by their ancestors.”

Because they specialize in start to finish travel, a TCS trip planner will be with you every step of the way in terms of planning from the air fare, transportation, hotel, guiding and helping discover any local gems.

“We really take care of all the aspects of the travel for them,” said Nelson. “It’s really important for us to help go beyond the scheduling of travel themselves.”

Coordinating with the genealogist to test DNA and get all the information from family history does take some time, so TCS insist that you meet with them about a year in advance in order for them to get all the information.

Interested? Get ahold of TCS now, whether you’re planning to get back to your family roots or plan a fall or winter season getaway.