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The Side Project plays at SeaTac Airport during the announcement that the number of live musicians and the number of hours they play are doubling as part of the Experience the City of Music Program. (Image: Port of Seattle)

SeaTac Airport doubles up on live music

Great news for travelers - live music at SeaTac is doubling up! Port of Seattle, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork have all come together to create the Experience the City of Music Program, which means twice the number of musicians playing in SeaTac, for twice the hours.

"With Sea-Tac Airport providing the first and last impression of Seattle for many travelers, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our region's iconic music culture and support jobs in the local music industry," said Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton.

Forty local musicians will be playing seven days a week, for eight hour periods in multiple locations throughout the terminal. For the 34 million people who pass through the airport each year, this is a huge upgrade from the previous roster of two artists, each playing for four hours.

For detailed schedules, locations, a video of live performances, and how musicians can participate, visit the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative page.