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(Image: Courtesy of Seabrook)

Seabrook, WA: A beach town with something new every day

The moment you arrive, it feels like home — the perfect spot to unwind and relax. Casey Roloff had a vision 17 years ago when he founded Seabrook, a beach town on the Washington Coast north of Ocean Shores, that's now thriving with something new every day!

"Seabrook is bringing back the art of town-building, where pedestrians streets are designed from the beginning to be beautiful and memorable, so you actually wanna walk all around town," said Roloff. "That's why people go to Europe and other countries, to see old city cities and old towns. We use the same basic principles."

One of those principles is safety, especially during this pandemic. Roloff said they wanted to make sure their staff, homeowners and guests were safe, meaning reopening slowly to be as prepared as possible.

Seabrook simply feels right — from the rental cottages to the luxurious beachfront homes and the shopping and eating — you never have to leave! There's everything under the sun in town, like pizza, pastries and pinot noir. The Stowaway in the heart of Seabrook is stocked with the latest and best wine Washington has to offer.

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The town is so inviting that Brooke and Derek Beals visited and never left. They opened Magnolias there, a new swanky little boutique.

"[The] quality of life makes you slow down a little bit," said Beals. "You appreciate the small things, like when you go to the city and go to a restaurant. I appreciate that more now that we live [in Seabrook]."

The beach is amazing, with endless sand in either direction you look. If you want to surf, just grab a board and hit the waves. The surf in Seabrook is ideal for beginners because the waves aren't too big. And if you want to go skim-boarding, you can practice in a pool before you actually hit the beach. Seabrook doesn't just have the beach, there's so much more to do — hit the trails on a mountain bike, walk around town with your dog, play shuffleboard and visit horses, just to name a few. The possibilities are truly endless!

"Seeing people build these traditions here — people getting married, getting engaged — the simple things in life. It sounds almost to some people like...a fake town," Roloff said. "This is how towns are built. Most people who actually do the research find out this is what made the best places in the world, and we're just doing that modern-day."