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Chef Lalewicz in action. We can't recommend reserving a spot at the chef's table enough. You know what they say-- you eat with your eyes first. (Image: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)

It doesn't get much more "farm to table" than this Seaview restaurant

Just a smidge over three hours west of Seattle lies a restaurant that likes to take full advantage of the finest its coastal status grants it.

From Long Beach's very own organic cranberry farm Starvation Alley, to the aptly named Oysterville, Depot Restaurant in Seaview purveys some of the finest dinners you'll find in the state, and in no small part thanks to its local partners.

Chef and owner Michael Lalewicz has travelled the world refining the recipes offered at his cozy, romantic spot and it shows in his rich and inspired offerings. We popped in for a rustic dinner at the chef's table - check out photos from farm to table after the jump