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Image: Mount Hood Territory

Alpine adventures: Part 3 of a soulful summer getaway to Oregon

Welcome to the third and final part of our relaxed and rewarding road trip to Oregon. See Part 1: Portland here. See Part 2: Columbia Gorge here.

Oregon’s wondrous Mount Hood Territory provides the perfect opportunity for exploring the great outdoors. If you love a chill vacation, dive into your summer reading list in a hammock by the lake. If you're seeking adventure, dive into the crystal-clear waters to awaken your inner adrenaline junkie.


Stay at Timberline Lodge for a true alpine experience. Besides super cozy and comfortable rooms, you can make the most of picturesque hiking trails that begin right outside the lodge. The best part is, that at Timberline, you can actually ski in summer - yes, you read that right! Enjoy a day out at Palmer Snowfield in the height of summer, on the South Slopes of Mt Hood. You don’t have to worry about lugging snowshoes or skis on holiday - Mt Hood Outfitters will have everything you need for your snow (or warm weather) adventures.


In winter, Trillium Lake is carpeted with a sea of white, fluffy snow. Come warmer weather, the 63-acre lake becomes the perfect spot for water adventures like boating, canoeing, swimming, and fishing. Nearby trails are great for hiking and mountain biking, too! Treat yourself after with a round of chilled beers at Mt. Hood Brewing Co.

On a hot day, head to Little Zig Zag Falls as the small canyon keeps things relatively cool, making it a great choice for kid-friendly hikes.

Triskelee Farm is an animal lover’s paradise and is the perfect place to spend a gorgeous afternoon with your family and make memories of a lifetime while you’re at it. The name ‘Triskelee’ comes from the Celtic word that means three and represents three generations of the family that own, run and live at the farm. The farm offers educational tours that teach where our food really comes from. Of course, there are tons of adorable farm animals, and what’s great is that you can interact closely (and safely!) with them. From newborn sheep to curious alpacas to prancing peacocks, expect to be enthralled at every step. You can feed the llamas some apple sticks, pet their resident horse, and - if you’re lucky - even witness baby goat or sheep learning to stand for the very first time. The littlest ones in your group will squeal the hardest, promise!


Get your morning caffeine fix at Cat's Moon Coffee and then hike your heart out at Wildwood Recreation Site. Pack a little picnic and spend a glorious morning listening to the sounds of nature - the waterfall, the birds and bees, and the breeze running through the trees. The easy-breezy hike is very child and pet-friendly, and you’re sure to make many furry friends along the way.

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Hood, Coffee House 26 is a coffee shop & bookstore loved and frequented by locals. Stop here for some leisurely reading, accompanied by breakfast sandwiches and scrumptious baked goodies.

If hunger pangs strike while in Estacada, Harmony 1984 is a no-brainer stop. It is especially good post a hike because you can tank up with the yummy, diverse offerings like Boysenberries & Cream Sourdough French Toast or a red lentil curry soup. They have live music on Friday evenings!

Koya Kitchen is a little Bohemian cafe that is artsy, homey, and internationally inspired. On balmy summer nights, take full advantage of their patio seating, complete with twinkling fairy lights. Get the yakisoba and the donburi bowl. If it's a chilly day, ask for a cup of their mulled wine to warm things up.

Wraptitude offers delicious wraps and burgers, among many other things. You can enjoy a leisurely meal here or pack their yummy curried chicken or BBQ pork wrap for fueling up on a hike or at a lakeside picnic. Yum!

Skyway Bar & Grill offers yummy Northwest-style barbeque in a magical, outdoor setting, making it ideal for a date night dinner.

Wondering what to drink while in Mount Hood Territory? Brews, brews, and more brews! The Bavarian-inspired downtown area in Government Camp has fabulous breweries that offer house-brewed beers and eclectic pub fare. Mt. Hood Brewing Co., Mountain View Brewing, and The Ratskeller are all excellent places. If you want to switch things up, get yourself some ‘proper ciders’ at Stone Circle Cider in Estacada. This cider bar follows the style done traditionally in Southwest England for many centuries - pressed by hand, drinkable, and of course, made from cider apples.

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