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Patients can access Doctor On Demand 24/7 and have the option to see the first available doctor (with an average wait time of just five minutes) or schedule an appointment with the provider of their choice.

Virtual mental health care continues to serve patients during pandemic and beyond

If COVID-19 accomplished anything positive, it demonstrated how much people can do with technology and virtual communication. The healthcare industry began to rely on telehealth services more than ever to make sure patients received vital care and treatment, even though they couldn't visit or felt uncomfortable visiting an office in person.

Sometimes, the adaptations that occur from trying times like the pandemic carry over into the new normal. That seems to be true with telehealth. Virtual care is here to stay.

Doctor On Demand is one of the leading healthcare providers that have evolved with the needs of patients during the pandemic, seeking to provide a seamless experience for people who need health care. From the convenience of home, on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can access Doctor On Demand's extensive services, which include primary care, integrated behavioral health, everyday care, urgent care, and chronic condition management and prevention.

Patients can access these services 24/7 and have the option to see the first available doctor (with an average wait time of just five minutes) or schedule an appointment with the provider of their choice, allowing patients to build trusted relationships with their doctors over video.

Mental health coverage

COVID-19 took a toll on mental health just as much as it did on physical health. Identifying the signs of mental health conditions can be difficult to do alone, and trusting someone to treat those conditions can be even tougher. Virtual mental health services can relieve some of the stress of visiting a new office or opening up to family and friends about personal struggles. Patients seeking mental health treatment can log in to their Doctor On Demand account to talk to licensed psychiatrists, therapists, and coaches seven days a week, without ever walking out the door.

Anyone can take a free mental health assessment to determine what treatment, if any, is necessary. Wait times with Doctor On Demand are far below the national average, and they even offer same-day appointments with a therapist.

With Doctor On Demand, patients can seek help for anxiety, depression, anger management, substance abuse disorders, PTSD, grief management, postpartum conditions, and more.

Affordable healthcare you need, when and how you need it

You may have heard someone say that mental health is connected to physical health, and Doctor On Demand operates around that principle. They are the only major virtual care provider with a fully integrated behavioral health practice, which means your medical and behavioral health teams are communicating with each other to coordinate your care plan. Primary care providers are cross-trained in behavioral health, which allows physicians to do initial screenings for depression, anxiety, and stress. When a patient requires a higher level of care, they are referred to a behavioral health provider within the Doctor On Demand network.

You can use Doctor On Demand with or without insurance coverage. Over 98 million Americans have access to Doctor On Demand's services through their health insurance plans.

To start using Doctor On Demand, or to learn more about the services they offer, visit them here. They're ready to make healthcare as convenient, simple, and trustworthy as it's ever been.