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In a Vita Swim Spa, you'll have a place where you can swim, relax, entertain, and have the ultimate oasis at home.

Swim, exercise, relax, and entertain at home every day with a swim spa

Olympic Hot Tub is celebrating its 45th anniversary of bringing health and wellness through water to the Pacific Northwest! Since 1977, Olympic Hot Tub has helped thousands transition to healthier lifestyles through hot tubbing. Now, with the addition of Vita Swim Spas, they've added yet another outstanding way to achieve a healthier you through water every day.

A swim spa affords you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams of swimming at home. Say goodbye to the big expense and construction project of an in-ground swimming pool. A swim spa is the perfect hybrid that creates a swimming oasis in your own backyard at a fraction of the cost and work required!

Check out a Vita Swim Spa today at Olympic Hot Tub. There is plenty to get excited about!

Why a Vita Swim Spa?

  • Enjoy the freedom to swim every day of the year!
  • Easily do resistance exercises, jog underwater, and even row! Optional oars for rowing and aquatic exercise equipment increase the variety and effectiveness of aquatic fitness.
  • Use the included tether to swim in place against a current created by the xStreamForce™ Jet Propulsion System. You'll eliminate the turns necessary when doing laps in a traditional pool and increase your swimming prowess. The adjustable jet flow will provide varying degrees of intensity to your workout.
  • Add a Covana Legend, an automated cover that will provide shelter to swim year-round. It lifts with the turn of a key for easy removal. When lowered, it protects your swim spa, locks in heat, and gives you the peace of mind that no one can access your swim spa when not in use.
  • The UltraZone System combines the power of UV and ozone to help sanitize the water with a minimum of other water care products.

Using a Vita Swim Spa is a flexible way to exercise for people of all fitness levels and health statuses. It promotes recovery from injury or joint replacement. Warm and cool water exercise has proven effective for those suffering from many forms of arthritis.

It introduces children to swimming, helps them overcome fear of water, and encourages physical fitness at an early age. The buoyancy you experience in a swim spa allows those with extra weight to exercise more easily.

It doesn't get much better than this! In a Vita Swim Spa, you'll have a place where you can swim, relax, entertain, and have the ultimate oasis at home. Settle into seats powered with outstanding massage. Strive for your fitness goals. Relax under a starlit night and gaze at the moon.

With seven models ranging in size from twelve to eighteen feet, you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your home. Installation can take as little as one day on your prepared site, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy year-round entertaining, swimming, and more in your own backyard!

Ready for a Vita Swim Spa? Olympic Hot Tub has seven showrooms in greater Puget Sound, and their staff is happy to find you the perfect swim spa to help improve your health, fitness, and well-being.