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The Support SnoCo online hub encourages residents and visitors to support their neighbors this holiday season by shopping locally. highlights the fantastic shopping, food, and outdoor amenities the county offers.

Support SnoCo makes it easy to shop local and support neighbors this holiday season

This holiday season, it's more important than ever to support friends, family and neighbors by shopping safely and locally. As a part of a campaign to boost the economic resilience of small businesses, Snohomish County launched the online hub to encourage shoppers to spend holiday dollars within their communities. The site features businesses from across the county.

Visitors to the Support SnoCo site can explore more than 150 local shops, bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Shoppers can find unique and thoughtful gifts at an array of locally owned businesses, from bookstores, art galleries and toy stores to specialty clothing boutiques and shops that specialize in the purrfect gifts for your beloved four-legged companions.

With dozens of delectable cafes, bakeries and restaurants to choose from, it's easy to try a new neighborhood restaurant or order a delicious meal from an old favorite to celebrate a special occasion. Favorite destinations and landmarks in the county are highlighted, too, and an online itinerary tool can help visitors keep track of places they'd like to visit and support.

Bring cheer to neighborhood businesses and support the community by shopping locally this holiday season at