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(Image: Seattle Refined)

Sound Styles clothing store is making customers happy, one song at a time

Right across the street from the iconic Edmonds fountain, you'll find a women's clothing store — Sound Styles.

It's been around for nearly 36 years and is music to the ears of its customers.

Jenny Murphy is the owner of this unique business, and she's also a trained concert pianist. You'll hear her playing everything from classical to country to contemporary.

"To have music, live music, in the store is a little unexpected and a delight for most people," she said. "People love music. It's just a connection, a way of connecting."

Every day you'll find Murphy greeting her customers with a smile and an offer: she'll play your favorite song while you shop (or recommend one)! At this shop, you won't only be able to find something fashionable to wear, but you get a show, too.

"The music really made my toe tap and brought a sparkle to my day," said shopper Cindy Armstrong. "It made me wanted to look at the fashions a little longer."

The goal at Sound Styles is to make customers happy, one song at a time.

Sound Styles is located at 100 5th Ave. N. in Edmonds, WA.