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Each year, thousands descend upon the sleepy seaside town of Langley, Washington to solve a mysterious murder. Suspects wander the streets and participants question them and look for other clues to try to find out who dunnit. (Images: Seattle Refined)

Solve the Case of the Murdered Wookie in This Seaside Town

It’s no mystery why fans of who-dunnits head to the stunning seaside village of Langley, WA each year for a weekend of clues, corpses and crimes.

The real question is - why had we never gone? So this year, we made it right and joined in the fun.

But first, let's back up. What is Langley Mystery Weekend?

"It's one of our favorite events," said Robin Black, President of the Langley Chamber of Commerce. "We've been doing this for 33 years. Last year we had over 2,000. And this year we anticipate a lot more than that."

The giant interactive clue game that draws thousands in every year, has participants attempting to solve a crime. You're given a coroner’s report that you have to take into consideration, all the clues that you gather (there are 39 of them, btw), and it's your job to figure out who the bad guy is.

"We have a police crime area," said Black. "We detail it out and you get a newspaper and there's all kinds of clues. The suspects are wandering around town. You never know they could be here at any area. And you ask them questions and see if you think they did it. You can help solve the crime."

This year’s story swirls around Bigfoot sightings near Langley and a clash betweenBigfoot Hunters and conservationists (known as Bigfoot Friends).

"I'm founder of The Bigfoot Friends. Or the BFFs," said Douglas Ferr, "suspect". "We're starting up a chapter here in Langley and we're recruiting new members."

And they're doing whatever we can to protect Bigfoot.To complicate matters, there’s a sci-fi convention in town and early Friday morning, someone from the convention was found dead near Town Hall.

"[Someone] all dressed up in a Chewbacca outfit Thursday night - someone murdered him," said "suspect" Shari Fissure. "Oh... so sorry. And some people think that I did it. How could you! I didn't. I wouldn't. I would never. But we'll solve this, by the end of the weekend I'm sure. Because we always do. Well we'll help try to solve it. We're on the case."

Many come back every February to solve the mystery, and this year - the weather was the highlight!

"We've solved mysteries in the snow, we've solved mysteries in the rain. Looking forward to this one."

Whether you’re a young Nancy Drew type or more mature like Miss Marple, the mystery weekend never disappoints.

"It's just a lovely, lovely event where we can all just be silly and come together and play. Play games. We like to play," said Black.

And even though the mystery is all wrapped up this year, there’s still lots of reasons to visit Langley.

"Just come to Langley. We love it. We love having you here," said Black. "We have all sorts of really wonderful special events. The community welcomes you. It's a glorious place!"