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Refined's Carpet Makeover


  • Do you or someone you love suffer from severe allergies? Do you dread allergy season every year because of asthma, skin rashes, runny noses and itchy eyes?
  • Do you have a beloved family pet that just makes things worse?
  • Are you constantly cleaning to try and rid your home of dust, dirt, pet dander and pollen?
  • Have you tried expensive air filters and other hypoallergenic products, but nothing seems to make it better?

If this sounds like you, help may be on the way. Seattle Refined is looking for an allergy sufferer who might find relief with brand new hypoallergenic carpet. If you suffer from severe allergies and are willing to share your story on television we want to hear from you.

Tell us why you deserve a carpet makeover. Share your story with us on Facebook or email us at, and make sure to include photos of your home and family.