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Get to know Powerhouse Seattle Couple Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe

There's a reason Seattle sports fan love Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe. The women are fierce competitors who have reached the pinnacles of their respective sports through hard work and sacrifice with the Seattle Storm and Seattle Reign.

Bird is arguably the best point guard in WNBA history and has two national championships, two WNBA titles and FOUR Olympic gold medals under her belt. As for Rapinoe, she's an international star who led the U.S. to a 2015 Women's World Cup title and gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

Yep, Bird and Rapinoe are a pretty big deal. And, to top it all off, they are dating! Talk about a power couple.

But off the basketball court and soccer field, Bird and Rapinoe share a lot more than just a love for sports. Refined met up with the couple and got a chance to talk food, fame and future at Ethan Stowell's restaurant How to Cook a Wolf (which Bird picked because she said the food was bomb). Spoiler Alert: she was right.

Seattle Refined: You both have been in the game for awhile now, how long do you see yourselves playing?

  • Megan: I don't have a timeline in my mind. I feel like I've been asked this question since I was 27 years old. I think male athletes get it too but I think it comes quicker for female athletes for some reason. People just start asking right away, but I wouldn't put any timeline on it. This is the best job in the world and I would love to put off all the real world stuff for at least another 5 to 6 years.
  • Sue: Ditto.

So with no end in sight, are the 2020 Olympics in the future? You both already have gold medals!

  • Megan: I have what Sue calls the 'cute' medal in comparison to her four.
  • Sue: At least it was London, that was a big one! But, yes, we are striving for 2020. But I'm also realistic that anything can happen and stuff changes and your body breaks down real quick, so I would love to get there but I'll reevaluate after a year and see how I feel.

You both are the faces of your franchises for a new campaign called 'Reign Storm', was that your idea?

  • Sue: It was our teams. They are working in conjunction on the business side of things so it was their brainchild. It's more like they picked a well-known player from one team and another well-known player from the other team and yeah, we happened to be dating.
  • Megan: If I was the 30th person on the bench and we were dating and they wanted the billboard we would have said no. By the way, we have gotten a lot shit from our friends about that billboard.

How did you two meet?

  • Megan: We actually first met at a big Olympic photoshoot for a big media day and I made a really stupid joke to Sue when we met in passing.
  • Sue: I was in uniform but my hair was down and in full makeup and and she joked, 'Are you getting ready for a game?' I was like 'Yeaaahhhhh'...
  • Megan: I walked away [thinking] that was so stupid and I'm so upset that I said that. But it wasn't until months later that we really connected in Seattle.

Sue, you came out publicly last year in an ESPN interview. What was the reason behind that and did Megan have anything to do with it?

  • Sue: I'm more of a private person, but Megan opened my eyes to the other side - which is that there's a very high value in somebody who is a public figure coming out and talking about their sexuality and what that means for kids and for society. I never really looked at it that way cause, in all honesty, I was out. Everyone in my life knew and I joked that the article came out and nobody on my team even cared because this wasn't news.
  • Megan: It wasn't like there was a hidden box of shame that you were caring around, you are just a private person in general.
  • Sue: I also joked that Megan and I have been seen publicly together and she's like the poster child of gayness! So, I knew people were wondering what's going on and why we were hanging out.
  • Megan: At one point, my twin sister said 'Well, when is Sue going to come out because you are like really gay,' and I was like - it won't last for that long.

It seems like you two have opposite personalities, is that the case?

  • Sue: I think by nature I have a shyness and it's something I have had to overcome over the years. It's like putting your toe in the water first. If I don't know you or a situation, I like to check it out first, that's just who I am. As for Megan, she does a cannon ball!
  • Megan: Straight cannon ball - and that's not always a good thing! I look to [Sue] for advice. I'm about to send a tweet out and she's like 'Wait, let's reread this and take 10 minutes before you do that'. I also try to nudge her a bit too.

Both of your seasons are just getting started, what are you looking forward to in 2018?

  • Megan: Our season was pretty disappointing last year. We didn't make playoffs but, this season, we have quite a bit of turnover on the roster and we have a new coach who has been really good to us so far. It's been a good start to the season and hopefully we just keep that going and make playoffs. I mean we want to win ultimately and anything short of that is terrible. We'll do our best to win.
  • Sue: We also have a new coach so we are actually in the same boat and we are trying to learn as much as we can. But the good news is that our younger players have more experience and we've added some veterans to that mix. We want to make the playoffs and make some noise in the playoffs, that's the goal.

So you've lived in Seattle for awhile now, is this home when it's all said and done with the Storm and Reign?

  • Megan: I wouldn't mind it! But, I can't imagine staying in one place because our lives are so transient. It will always be a 'summer home'!
  • Sue: I feel like the way you know you are home is when you land at Sea-Tac Airport and I'm like (sigh) I'm home... I'm home.

We hope Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe stay around Seattle for a long time! We are proud to have them represent Seattle sports and you have to see them in action! For ticket information to the Storm CLICK HERE and/or Reign ticket information CLICK HERE.

There's also so much more to our Refined interview with the couple. Watch our entire segment with Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe above!