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(Image: Kris Carroll)

Meet Kris Carroll: X-ray tech by day, special effects makeup artist by night

Meet Kris Carroll.

By day she's an x-ray technician in Bellingham - but by night, she can be found in her garage making buckets of blood, piles of guts and the latest menacing monster.

"I love behemoth monsters. Godzilla was my man, he really was.

As you can tell, Carroll has a scary passion for horrifying makeup. It started with her love for costume contests, but over the years she she has really leveled up. In fact, Carroll is now an award-winning special effects makeup artist for Northwest films.

"I think it just blossomed from being a Halloween buff since I was six," she said. "My mom would make us costumes and it kind of blossomed from there. I love creating. I tend to have a specific look, or sheen or color combination or size or effect of what I’m making. I want it as real as possible or as goofy as possible. Or goofy creepy. Or all of the above."

As for her inspiration? Pretty much every horror film ever made.

"I’ve seen just about every good horror movie, bad horror movie that has come along and watch some several times over BUT "American Werewolf" in London, when that hand stretches, and his nose stretches...."

When Carroll takes on a project, she doesn’t phone it in. She’s meticulous when it comes to her monsters. Everything is designed from head to toe or in some cases - head to hooves. Over the years, she has created costumes of all shapes and sizes but this monster may be the biggest and baddest of them allit's a 10-foot evil spirit creature/monster.

As Carroll's amazing creatures continue to scare audiences and delight NW filmmakers, she’s always looking forward and excited flex on her next film.

"I think it's important, I keep doing it because I don’t want my brain to go stale. You always want to infuse your thoughts and skill - and what can I do that’s new and fresh that’s no one’s seen, or I haven’t even seen, or that I can’t find anywhere."

We certainly haven't seen makeup like this anywhere locally - so we'd say she's doing a great job!