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Swedish clinics continue to offer emergency care, urgent care, and telehealth services to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical treatment at Swedish continues through COVID-19 uncertainty

As the mission to "flatten the curve" continues, so should your ability to rely on the healthcare system. In case of an emergency, every second counts. Don't waste any of that time wondering whether medical services are available to you.

Swedish clinics continue to offer treatment to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Emergency services: Reserved for patients who need care immediately for a serious health condition
  • Urgent care: Dedicated to severe conditions that require same-day care but are not considered life-threatening
  • Telehealth: Online appointments that allow Swedish to treat minor conditions and reduce the number of patients who enter healthcare facilities.

While Swedish is working to reschedule routine appointments during the pandemic, they are still encouraging patients to keep their urgent surgeries and procedures on the calendar.

What to expect in the emergency department

The staff at Swedish can provide the immediate care you need during an urgent or life-threatening situation. This includes heart attacks, strokes, head trauma, seizures, severe bleeding and fevers in children younger than two months old.

Everyone who enters the Emergency Department at Swedish is screened for COVID-19. Anyone who comes with a patient to the hospital is not allowed in the waiting room, but these people are encouraged to stay in contact with the patient electronically, which includes video chatting when possible.

What to expect from urgent care

Swedish urgent care centers are also open to patients who need treatment for sprains, fractures, burns, dehydration, fevers and cold and flu symptoms. Patients who need same-day care or whose health issues require lab work or vaccinations can rely on clinics that offer urgent care.

Telehealth appointments

Nowadays, you don't have to go to the doctor's office if you don't feel comfortable doing so. Swedish allows you to meet with your doctor online via phone or video chat. Find out how to set up a virtual appointment and check out the extensive list of conditions Swedish doctors can treat using telehealth services.

How Swedish is staying ahead of the curve

The staff at Swedish wants to instill confidence in all of its patients about the precautions they're taking during this pandemic. Here are some things Swedish is doing to ease stress and increase safety.

  • Caregivers self-screen themselves for COVID-19 symptoms and are required to go home if they develop symptoms while at work. Everyone, including doctors and visitors, undergoes screening tests before entering any hospital. Anybody with COVID-19 symptoms or fever is restricted from entering.
  • All doctors and caregivers must wear personal protection equipment (PPE) to interact with patients and conduct surgeries safely.
  • Patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 are separated from other patients in the facility. Physical distancing protocols are also enforced to reduce the risk of spreading the virus within the facility.

Your safety and health come first at Swedish. By providing multiple treatment options, Swedish can rigidly protect others while remaining flexible enough to help patients with a variety of health issues.

Telehealth appointments can be scheduled here, and you can find your nearest Swedish location for more serious health conditions. Patients who need virtual behavioral health treatment can connect with their doctor or call 1-800-Swedish to schedule an appointment.

You can connect with Swedish on Twitter to learn more about their #DontDelayCare, #MentalHealthMonday and #WellnessWednesday posts.