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Inside a haunted house in Port Gamble

There's something spooky about this vacant Victorian home on the hill looming over the old timber milling town of Port Gamble.

Pete Orbea says visitors to have often reported seeing two little children peaking their heads up over this window sill.

Kids in the attic? But doors are locked. Nobody's lived in The Walker-Ames House since the town's sawmill shutdown in 1995... or have they?

Pete Orbea hosts Pt. Gamble ghost tours and coordinates paranormal investigations inside the historic home.

On this evening, Puget Sound Ghost Hunters, an assorted group of locals partial to the paranormal, take their investigation to the top.

The teams taunt with toys and try capturing communications or images from the other side.

The Walker Ames Mansion was built in 1889 for the mill's master mechanic William Walker. His daughter married the mill's manager Edwin Ames who also lived here. Thus Walker-Ames, one of Washington's Most Haunted.

Female visitors report having their hair pulled or jackets tugged in the barren basement. Orbea says a horrid stench followed them out.

But don't let that scare you away from this quaint community that markets so much more than spirits. Just keep in mind Orbea's word of warning or welcome should you choose to stay.