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Husband and wife team Kris and Katie Amos serve up gourmet pizza from their mobile pizza oven. (image: Seattle Refined)

This mobile, wood-fired pizza oven takes food trucks to the next level

Stella Fiore Pizza is a mobile, wood-fired pizza oven owned and operated by husband and wife team Kris and Katie Amos. The couple was looking for something they could do together, other than both their corporate backgrounds.

"We were just kind of fed up with the grind," said Kris. "So we decided to venture out and just try something different."

Kris and Katie are passionate about creating delicious artisan pizzas with the finest ingredients available.

"We try to use whatever we can locally," said Kris. "We try to make what we can. And the rest of it, we try to use as high quality ingredients as we possibly can. So we use things like prosciuttos, salamis. We hand-cut our pineapple. We make our dough fresh daily."

They're especially proud of their crust.

"We went through so many different recipes with this until we got it down just how we like it," said Katie.

But of course the showstopper at Stella Fiore is the wood-burning pizza oven, which they actually had imported from Italy.

"It weighs - probably the oven and the stand - weight about five thousand pounds," said Kris. "We cook at about 800-850 degrees in there and we only use apple wood."

The oven allows them to do up to a hundred pizzas an hour. So with all this wood-fired, gourmet goodness you're willing to wait a little extra right...?

Well, you don't have to.

"That's what always throws people off with us!" said Katie. "Most people walk up and they're like, "Alright so it's going to be 10 or 15 minutes right?' And you say, no. Actually, from the time you order until your pizza's out to you is about three minutes."

Three minutes. Great pizza. Sign. Us. Up.