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Egghole: Home to Breakfast Sammies and 'Pour Your Own' Tap Wall

Welcome to The Egghole.

This spot right off of 167 in Kent is for all you egg sandwich lovers out there. Word is spreading about these tasty breakfast sammies, that are perfect anytime - especially after a long night out.

"Yes, hangover food is the correct term for it," said owner Michael Brown, who picked the menu names himself to stick with the "egghole" theme. Their number one seller? Friends With Benedicts.

“Or Speak of the Devil," he said. "It's like a deviled egg sandwich, like an egg salad sandwich - but we put wasabi on it. And the Walk of Shame - it's an extremely messing sandwich it looks messy like wow you had a rough night it’s the walk of shame.”

But it's not just the food that's setting The Egghole apart.

People come for the sandwiches but they're staying for the massive "Pour Your Own Tap Wall."

“People are like - 'What is that? Wow, what is that?'" said Brown. "And they are just pointing and I'm like - 'Oh, you get to pour your own beer. We have 30 taps, 30 handles, four nitros."

Egghole issues you a card that allows you to pour away. The Tap Wall has beer, cider and seltzer - all from local breweries. You can try as many as you want, as long as you drink responsibly, of course.

"There is a limit of how much you can pour, but if you do that - come back and we will give you a sobriety check," he said. "And if you are all good, we issue you a new card."

The Pour Your Own Tap Wall is a big topic of conversation, but so are the tables. They're made from old bowling lanes!

I can honestly say, Refined has never seen a spot quite like this. It's worth the drive, even if you don't live in south King County.

"The idea was to make this a gathering place you can come here, grab an awesome egg sandwich and enjoy your time here," said Brown.

Right now The Egghole is open from 8 a.m to 3 p.m., but they hope to expand their hours in the future. Plus, they're adding burgers to their menu as well!