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A solid foundation can make all the difference on the golf course.

Don't let foot pain bother you on the golf course anymore!

Anybody who walks the golf course while they play knows that having a solid foundation underneath you means everything. It'll make or break your score and your whole experience!

Chambers Bay Golf Instructor Matt Montecucco may have the perfect golf swing, but recently he has noticed his biggest handicap is his feet! Matt's sore feet were really affecting his job as he walks the hills of the Chambers Bay Golf Club. Nothing seemed to relieve his pain until he met with Jeff Perkins at The Good Feet Store.

The Good Feet Store designs and manufactures dozens of orthotic solutions that help relieve foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, and plantar fasciitis. The Good Feet Supports are positioned inside your shoe, allowing all four arches of your feet to be correctly positioned and ensuring that your body weight is distributed evenly. The results can include improved balance, reduced pain, better stability throughout your lower body, and overall body wellness!

Matt was fitted with his orthotics from The Good Feet Store and saw immediate results. His foot pain disappeared, his posture improved, and he may have added a few yards to his drive!

The Good Feet Store

You'll find 30 different styles available in hundreds of different sizes. All of them are manufactured in the United States, and they're versatile enough to fit any type of footwear, including work boots, dress shoes, running shoes, and even high heels and slippers! Ditch the pain, feel comfortable in the shoes you want to wear, and regain freedom in your life by investing in these simple inserts. Each experience is customized to your preferences so you leave the store with a solution that will help keep you physically healthy and mentally happy.

Build the foundation to a more comfortable and functional life. The Good Feet team is always happy to help. Schedule a free fitting and test walk today and find a solution to your foot pain on the same day. Visit to get started!