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Traditional gutters need ongoing maintenance, as they fill with debris falling from nearby trees or blown in by the wind.

Why durable gutters are essential in the Pacific Northwest

The rainy season is approaching in the Pacific Northwest, which means it's time to pay attention to an oft-forgotten part of your home: the rain gutters.

After all, with rainfall averaging as much as 6 inches per month for much of fall and winter, according to Weather & Climate, the strength of your gutters has a major impact on your home.

Why you need gutters

Rain gutters are attached to the edge of your roof, just beyond the eave. They catch rain and hail, which then flows to a spout and is drained away from the house. It may sound like a simple process, but it has major repercussions.

"Without proper drainage, runoff can ruin siding, roofing, landscaping, cause interior water damage, and even weaken the foundation," according to local company Pacific Gutter. "If your home has leaky, damaged, or clogged gutters, then your system is not doing enough to protect your property."

Clogged gutters also lead to stagnant water that can attract mosquitos, who use it as a breeding ground. Additionally, when the temperature drops, pooled water can freeze into ice dams that break gutters or cause leaks in your roof.

These problems can pile up during the rainy season, which is why durable gutters are vital when it comes to keeping your home water-free.

Dangers of cleaning

Traditional gutters need ongoing maintenance, as they fill with debris falling from nearby trees or blown in by the wind. Leaves, branches, pinecones, dirt, and other waste accumulate over time, causing clogs that lead to rainwater overflow.

Regularly cleaning gutters is the only option when they fill with debris. This task becomes urgent when you notice your gutters overflowing during a storm, and you may wish to tackle it yourself with a ladder and bucket. However, it can be dangerous to move around and work while on a ladder. Additionally, you might inadvertently damage your gutters.

Upgrading gutters

If you have frequent gutter clogs or want to prevent problems, you can upgrade to seamless gutters and gutter guards.

Seamless gutters are different from typical gutters, which are manufactured in pieces and have joints at regular intervals to make installation easier. However, these sectional gutters are prone to leak at the joints, and vinyl gutters can crack and warp over time. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are cut from one continuous coil of aluminum. They are free of joints and are stronger, more reliable, and lower maintenance than sectional gutters.

As for cleaning gutters, you can skip this task if you have guards installed. Gutter guards prevent clogs by covering the top of the gutter with a grated metal cover that lets water in while keeping everything else out.

"Our gutter covers come complete with small, strategically-placed perforations to capture rainwater and keep debris out," according to Pacific Gutter. "Water flow isn't constricted, even during heavy rainfall, so runoff is kept away from your roof, siding, and foundation. Gutter Shutter gutter guards keep out leaves, twigs, pine needles, moss, dirt, mold, insects, and pests so you won't have to climb a dangerous ladder to manually remove debris."

Learn more about how you can upgrade to a durable gutter system from Pacific Gutter — including gutter covers, gutter downspouts, and premium-grade aluminum gutters — and schedule your free quote at