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The Jumanji House is now available for rent.

This Bothell home went from a disaster to a dream house

You may think that some homes aren't worth saving. It may appear the home is on its last leg, and not much more can be done. Jared Holland may think otherwise; he specializes in investment properties and flipping homes. Jared is a PNW native who grew up in the San Juan Islands and moved to Seattle seven years ago, his knowledge of the market helps him buy and flip properties. He recently flipped a home in Bothell, WA, called "The Jumanji" house.

When Holland purchased the house, his goal was to renovate the home and bring it back to its full potential.

"I was always planning on either keeping the house as a rental because I liked it so much or sell it once it was completed," said Holland. "I decided to keep it as rental and potentially build a new house on the lower lot sometime down the road.

Holland completed a full cosmetic renovation of the home. This included:

  • Removing a non-load bearing wall in the kitchen
  • Replacing all electrical and plumbing fixtures throughout the home
  • Removing and remediating mold throughout the home
  • Replacing rotted and damaged floor joists and a portion of a wall in a bedroom
  • Replacing all cabinets countertops and flooring throughout the entire home
  • Installing a new furnace and water heater
  • New garage doors
  • Lots of landscaping

"A few windows were replaced as well, and we rebuilt the stars at the entry and created a double front door from a single entry," said Holland. "I nicknamed it the Jumanji House because it actually reminded me of the first movie when they started to play the board game, and plants and animals took over the entire house!"

The total renovation time was about ten weeks. For Holland, the house has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well. It's made a fantastic transformation.

The home is now available for rent.

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