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ShelfGenie makes everything within reach!
ShelfGenie makes everything within reach!

Reimagining your kitchen, pantry, and other storage spaces

Unless you built your home from the ground up or designed everything yourself, you likely have inherited kitchen cabinets you don't love. That doesn't mean you need new cabinets. You just need help reaching the underutilized, hard-to-reach spaces and reorganizing the spaces that are stuffed to the brim.

That resonated with Chuck Cox and Chris Jenkins, who were using two pantry cabinets to hold their food and pots and pans. They had other smaller cabinets with some wasted space too, plus an unusable oven full of cookie sheets and grills. There had to be a better way to organize their kitchen.

Cox and Jenkins simply called ShelfGenie to grant their wish! No lamp rubbing required. ShelfGenie can transform the spaces in your home into practical storage, making everything within reach!

Pantry solutions

The first step for Chuck and Chris was removing those cookie sheets, muffin tins, and racks from the oven so they could cook without having to empty it out each time. ShelfGenie worked with the Jenkins to find the perfect spot -- high up in one of the pantry cabinets where items could be stored vertically and easily reached. Next, they worked together to design the pantry to fit all of their food, including what was located in other cabinets. Because the ShelfGenie system is custom designed and built, each space was optimized to avoid wasted areas or excessive stacking.

Kitchen solutions

With all the food occupying the pantry, it was time to move the pots and pans to a better place. During the consultation, ShelfGenie recognized a very underutilized cabinet that was wider and much more suitable for large cookware. Trying to maximize usable storage space within that lower cabinet, the Jenkins chose to install three levels that would allow them to store more items and make everything more organized and easier to access.

Every home is different, and everyone uses their home differently. Size and configuration will likely influence the decisions you make. With ShelfGenie, you can reimagine your home in a way that makes it more efficient, organized, and accessible. The best way to learn how much better your existing kitchen can function is to book a complimentary visit with a ShelfGenie design consultant.

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