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Reimagine the storage spaces in your home with just one life-changing call

Patty Reguina loves cooking and working in her kitchen, but her cabinets were deep and when she would put things in them, she couldn't reach them! Her daughter Debbie was helping her out in the kitchen and had the same issue so when Patty mentioned ShelfGenie, Debbie said, "Let's give them a call!"

That call changed Patty's life. Michael Bowman, a designer at ShelfGenie, knew exactly what to do. He devised a plan to help maximize her space and make it more accessible. Out of convenience, they were able to do the consultation via a video call too!

Michael really focused on her lower cabinets, making those out-of-reach upper cabinets almost obsolete. Each client has specific needs, and he knew that would be a huge benefit for Patty in her kitchen.

Patty's favorite cabinet is her pantry, so ShelfGenie revamped that part of the kitchen by installing glide-outs that provide her with the independence she needs.

ShelfGenie has been creating solutions just like this for homeowners in the Seattle area for nearly 12 years. ShelfGenie has helped thousands of people maximize space and increase the efficiency of their home for many years to come. With ShelfGenie, you can reimagine your home in a way that makes it more convenient and functional. The best way to learn what that looks like is to book a complimentary visit with a ShelfGenie design consultant.

ShelfGenie of Seattle is locally owned and operated. Call 206-929-4954 today or visit to get a free design consultation.