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With Fernish, you don't have to buy furniture to create the perfect home office — you can rent it! (Image: Fernish)

Need home office furniture for the next month? Don't buy it, rent it

If you weren't prepared to work from home (like me), your at-home set up is extremely lacking.

As working-from-home becomes many people's new normal for the foreseeable future, it's pretty critical to have an comfortable area in your house/apartment/condo where you can be productive.

But here's the thing - buying a desk, office chair, and more furniture feels very much NOT what I want to be doing right now. Especially since one day, hopefully, we will eventually not need it as much any more when the offices open up.

While buying new furniture doesn't really make practice or financial sense, renting sure does!

Fernish is like "Rent The Runway but for furniture" and just made its services available in Seattle. You can pick furniture for your home office like desks, office chairs, shelve and lamps from brands like Crate and Barrel, CB2 or Fernish's own brand.

A quick glance at their offerings show desks range from $9-$50 a month, office chairs $7-$18 a month, and shelves from $9 a month. Not too shabby!

And if something you rent steals your heart, you can buy it!

Visit for more information.