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Getting a backyard cottage is easier than you think

Ronnie Cunningham is a longtime resident of Madison Valley. He's lived in this house since 1975. Now a few steps away sits his new baby - a cozy MyKabin cottage.

"We have a relatively good-sized lot, it's a 5,900 square foot lot " he said. "We weren't using the space, it was just a garage that was storing a bunch of stuff. The garage really was kinda dilapidated. We wanted to, just make more out of it. Make it prettier, for one, be able to offer a space for people who are coming to Seattle or family who come visit, to stay. To make our home a nicer space, and I think that we've done that."

MyKabin is the brains behind this beautiful cottage. They can turn your backyard into a cash-cow or more living space for your family.

"Rather than have another high-rise in South Lake Union, if you want to be near your in-laws and think about intergenerational, it’s very difficult to add a big addition onto your house," said founder Tom Todaro. "It’s much more economic, and more flexible to simply have great space that's on the same property."

MyKabin handles everything for you. That means no headaches with permitting, construction or even cleanup.

And when it comes to design - that's your call. MyKabin will customize any cottage from 250 square feet to 1,000. And the kabins are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and built with local renewable resources.

"The trick is, by eliminating as many interior walls as possible and by creating lots and lots of natural light by tucking the required things - ktichens, bathrooms - in the areas that don’t get in the way of the living space, you create a living environment that feels like a house that’s a much larger," said Todaro.

The cost of the cottages start around $100,000 dollars, a solid investment just steps away.

"If you do everything right, then we deliver the customer a really affordable way to provide either a little additional income or a way for them to be near their loved ones," he said. "And I can’t think of a much better way to spend my day than that."

It worked out really well for the Cunninghams.

"We just started, we're kind of the first pancake but I love our pancake, this is great," said Cunningham. "Fits in with the house really well, everybody who has come by has really liked it."

Thanks to new building laws in Seattle and the state, you are now allowed to have an additional, detached living space.

MyKabin takes about six weeks to build.