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Seattle Refined's Managing Editor, Britt Thorson, got a brand-new air conditioner from Black Lion!

In Seattle, air conditioning goes beyond comfort

Seattle typically has clean air, and the mild climate keeps things cool until mid-summer, so residential air conditioning isn't common. When hot weather finally rolls around, many people sweat it out, turn on fans in every room of the house, or maybe set up a kiddie pool for their furry friends to cool off.

If you just need to survive a couple of weeks in the high 80s or 90s, that's certainly tolerable. But there's quite a bit more to air conditioning than the walk-in-the-door relief at the end of a hot day.

Increased security: Important if you have first-floor windows, an AC or heat pump allows you to lock up tight and go to sleep with the peace of mind that your home won't be targeted by prowlers looking for open windows or cracked doors. (Bonus, less dust accumulates when windows are closed!)

Sleep: Colder temperatures make for better sleep, and there's really no such thing as too good of sleep.

Health and air quality: Wildfire smoke from up and down the West Coast has become a serious pollutant in late summer, especially for those with allergies or asthma. Last fall, the air quality was dangerous, reaching pollution levels completely unheard of for western Washington. Even behind closed doors, that air gets in and your lungs become the air purifier. Air conditioning and heat pumps purify the air regardless of what season it is. As long as you take care of the unit and clean the filters, it will give you cleaner air year-round.

Cost savings: People equate running AC with huge energy expenses, but heat pumps and ductless units are energy-efficient because you can cool just one room or area instead of a whole house. If you keep up with maintenance, it will not only lead to a lower energy bill, but your equipment will also have a long and happy life.

Are you convinced? Black Lion Heating & Air has experts who can make your cooling dreams come true. The team at Black Lion Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving residents of Western Washington and surrounding areas for 20+ years. To read more seasonal tips and best practices for heating and cooling, follow along on social media or the Black Lion blog.