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To make an authentic vintage look easily obtainable for today’s shoppers, The Mine has partnered with Chairish to feature curated vintage items available exclusively on The Mine.

How to make vintage décor look eclectic, and not old-fashioned

Not long ago, shopping for vintage pieces meant spending hours digging through dusty stores with vague hopes of discovering something worthwhile. Musty antique shops still abound, but now it’s also possible to browse all manner of vintage décor from the comfort of your home.

To make an authentic vintage look easily obtainable for today’s shoppers, The Mine has partnered with Chairish to feature curated vintage items available exclusively on The Mine.

Good design is timeless, outlasting fleeting trends, and the right vintage piece can add drama, personality and charm to your home. Before you get started, take note of these expert tips on shopping for vintage décor.

Be aware of common concerns

Before you shop, know that purchasing vintage electrical products can be a gamble and if you decide to go for it, carefully inspect and test items before use.

With vintage upholstery products, sometimes repairs can be prohibitively expensive and reupholstering makes more financial sense. If you’re especially risk-resistant, The Mine’s curated collection of Chairish items are guaranteed to be high-quality and safe so you can shop with confidence.

Don’t shun new technology

Just because you’re looking at the styles of yesterday doesn’t mean that you have to take an old-fashioned approach.

Carefully measure your interior spaces with a newfangled (or oldfangled) measuring tape, then compare the size of your space to the dimensions in item descriptions of pieces online that you like. The Mine’s virtual reality app that just launched today, Envisioned, uses exclusive technology that allows you to virtually place items in your space.

Dip a toe

If vintage still intimidates you, test the waters with a low-commitment purchase like a piece of wall décor. Something with a neutral or metallic finish will give a polished effect, and it won’t look stuffy or dated. For a modern twist on a classic, check out this brass world map to showcase your inner wanderer.

Mix and match

Doing vintage right requires gathering an eclectic mix of complimentary pieces. For example, mixing dinnerware patterns provides depth, festive fashion and a conversation starter.

Try pairing these sassy emerald green wine glasses with gold-rimmed, soft pink tumblers for an eclectic look sure to impress. Add sparkle with a dazzling lotus cocktail server. Buying fun tableware is a perfect (and practical) way to let your inner collector run wild!

Say “sayonara” to seasonal statutes

If you’re feeling a little rebellious, try disregarding seasonal dictums. Use your beloved pieces year-round, just because they’re your favorites. This look will vary, depending on your personal style, but one of our favorites is this classic vase that can impart an airy, summery cheer throughout the year. Essentials and beloved accents are an expression of what you love, so there’s no reason to retire them seasonally unless you want to.

Liven things up with a few impactful updates

Even if you’re not ready for an overhaul, incorporating a few updates can change the tone of a room.

  • For the living room, pillows are a simple way to add depth and texture. Consider using accent pillows to add a splash of color, or integrate floor pillows to provide extra seating. A handwoven, richly-hued Turkish pillow will brighten up a neutral sofa, while a set of boho blue throw pillows on side chairs can introduce textural detail.
  • A chic ottoman is a versatile element that adds sophistication and utility. Depending on its design, it can provide extra seating, a footrest or a convenient place to set a tray and beverage. This neutral pair of poufs are a whimsical accent that will add a dash of style to any living room.
  • Area rugs pack a big visual punch, and brining in a new color is an easy way to reflect the changing seasons. Chairish delivers a variety of hand-woven rugs, including unique Moroccan-themed patterns. One rug we love is the Rose Wrap, sourced from Berber women in a remote Talsint tribe. Let your love for color glow!

Practice restraint

As you shop for vintage styles, it’s crucial to embrace present styles you love too so you can present your finds in a context that feels fresh rather than dated.

Stylists at The Mine recommend using one or two vintage pieces alongside more contemporary looks you love. As your collection grows, the cohesive look becomes a visual narrative that captures your personal design journey.

Need an update on a larger item, or an entire room? The Mine is a fantastic source for furniture and distinctive design pieces. Best of all, The Mine’s virtual shopping app Envisioned can show you each piece in your home.

The Mine has taken the guesswork and worry out of vintage shopping to help you create spaces that reflect your personal style and unique tastes. Ready to get some ideas going? Check out the curated looks presented by celebrated author and renowned designer, Eddie Ross, Creative Director at The Mine.