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Get "Back to Clean" with Zerorez, for Insanely clean carpet, tile, hardwoods, & upholstery

Fall is the perfect time to get "Back to clean!" Our homes are a showcase for football watching parties, friends dropping by and we're only 13 weeks away from holiday celebrations. Think about how great it will feel with your whole home spotless from top to bottom, including carpets, hardwoods, tile, and upholstery. For those allergy sufferers we can't forget the air ducts.

Zerorez is the most referred and recommended cleaner in The Puget Sound with over 7,000 4.9 star reviews. Why, because just like our homeowner Ena experienced, Zerorez can save your carpet and return it to like-new condition! You can't say clean without Zerorez.

Unlike traditional carpet and floor cleaners that pretend to clean, what they're actually doing is adding a whole host of toxic chemicals, detergents, and leaving dirt-attracting residue in their wake. Only Zerorez cleans with their revolutionary, patented "Powered Water" system that uses Zero- detergents, Zero toxic chemical, Zero fragrances and leaves Zero residue.

Simply put Zerorez IS the safest, most effective cleaning solution for carpet, hardwood, and upholstery cleaning. In fact, Zerorez "Powered Water" cleaning system is more effective than traditional chemical-based cleaning systems. Your carpets dry quickly and stay cleaner longer.

How you ask? Chemical-based processes that involve toxic chemicals and sudsy detergents leave at least 30 percent of these toxins to dry in your carpet to as residue. This is the stiff crunchy feeling you might have noticed in your carpet. Those left-behind residues are not healthy for you, your family, and pets and they attract new dirt and soil like a magnet. Before you can blink an eye, those spots and dirty traffic patterns reappear like magic.

So many homeowners comment that their carpets may not look dirty. Indeed, this is not the case. Your carpets are the largest air filter in your home. This is great news because otherwise, your lungs would have to take on the task. Just like your HVAC filter your carpets need to be cleaned. Your carpet becomes a catch-all for dirt, dust, pet fur and dander, pollen, bacteria, and a myriad of other substances that no amount of vacuuming can remove. Now think about how much accumulates over a year? If your carpet looks lifeless, has spots, dirty traffic areas, pet issues, even if they are older, you need that special TLC that ONLY Zerorez can deliver.

Did you know that the EPA documents that our indoor air quality is 200 to 500 percent worse inside than outside? Fall weather brings with it its share of pollutants. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, it's time to call in Zerorez for their exclusive multi-step intense air duct cleaning process. This will help eliminate bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other unhealthy contaminants that are trapped deep within your duct system. Everything is contained in our powerful truck-mounted, system so there is no in-home contamination.

If you're ready to get "Back to Clean," you need to call Zerorez. Mention Seattle Refined and Zerorez will pre-treat and clean three rooms of carpet for only $149. Don't forget to ask about their air duct cleaning special.

Call 425-453-9376 or go to for more information.