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ShelfGenie can transform your home into a place where you can practically store all of your stuff and grab it easily too.

A cook's best friend is a clean kitchen

Unless you built your home from the ground up or designed everything yourself, you likely have inherited kitchen cabinets you don't love. That doesn't mean you need new cabinets. You just need help reaching the underutilized, hard-to-reach spaces and reorganizing the spaces that are stuffed to the brim.

That resonated with Carolina Soriano, who loves to use her kitchen often for cooking at home. Anyone who loves cooking knows that it takes lots of dishes, ingredients, and space. A cluttered kitchen is a terrible match for even the best of cooks. Carolina needed a solution that would allow her to access everything she needed while not sacrificing any counter space.

All she had to do was call ShelfGenie to grant her wish! No lamp rubbing required. ShelfGenie can transform the spaces in your home into practical storage, making everything within reach!

Spice solutions

Carolina's spices were too high and out of reach. Her dishes were in a cupboard where she couldn't grab them easily. One false move and she may have fallen or broken a dish by reaching too much. Now her favorite spaghetti bowl and many other dishes are at her fingertips and ready to use for concocting delicious recipes.

Because the ShelfGenie system is custom designed and built for each person and home, every space is optimized to avoid wasted areas and excessive stacking.

Kitchen solutions

ShelfGenie can transform drawers, cabinets, shelves, and underutilized spaces into highly functional parts of your kitchen. Carolina was frustrated everytime she had to put the dishes away from the dishwasher. With the help of her design consultant, Barbara, they designed a space for Carolina to store her dishes, which is making her life so much easier.

Oddly designed corner cabinets become useful with a Lazy Susan or sliding drawers. Cluttered drawers become meticulously organized with custom dividers or even drawers-within-drawers. Tall cabinets turn into layers of space, allowing you to maximize the places you never thought could be improved. The solutions are endless. All you have to do is imagine them and call ShelfGenie for help!

Every home is different. Everyone uses their home differently. Size and configuration will likely influence the decisions you make. With ShelfGenie, you can reimagine your home in a way that makes it more efficient, organized, and accessible.

ShelfGenie of Seattle is locally owned and operated. Call 206-929-4954 today or visit to get a complimentary design consultation and discover how your existing kitchen can function better than ever.