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Elm Coffee Roasters is a great spot to take a long, leisurely coffee break. (Image: Melanie Biehle/Seattle Refined)

A Coffee Ritual Inspired By Elm Coffee Roasters

It seems like everything cool is happening in Pioneer Square these days. It feels like not that long ago that I only made the trip when I wanted to go to Elliott Bay Book Company. Now that they're in Capitol Hill and all kinds of great local shops and restaurants are moving to or opening up in Pioneer Square, I hang out in both of these neighborhoods much more often.
When I heard about how beautiful the Elm Coffee Roasters space was, I had to go check it out. Seattle native Brendan Mullally moved back to the area after spending some time working at Joe in New York City, first as a barista and then managing the Manhattan flagship store. He teamed up with former Stumptown roaster Drew Fitchette and they opened Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square in December 2014.
I love the minimalist design of the space. Atelier Drome was the architectural firm on the project and GMD Custom were the general contractors and helped out with design. Brendan did a lot of the design work as well, picking out the colors and some of the materials.
"I wanted a very light, open space that was clean, bright and calming. The bar seating was something I wanted from the very beginning, along with the marble. A lot of the design worked around that," Brendan said.
When you visit Elm Coffee, try slowing down and treating yourself to a coffee ritual.
1. Stop by Drygoods Design and pick up a cool Mara-Mi Collection journal or some Rifle Paper Co. cards (I love the Garance Doré line).
2. Order your coffee in one of the beautiful Julia Paul Pottery cups that are available for purchase.
3. Spend some time catching up on your correspondence. Everyone loves to receive a handwritten note.
4. Flip open your brand new journal and write down five things you're grateful for - if Oprah does it, it has to be a good idea.
5. Finally, savor your last sips of coffee and spend some time observing your environment in silence.

Now you're ready to take on the day.

Elm Coffee Roasters is located at 240 2nd Avenue South. You'll find the entrance on Main Street next to Pizzeria Gabbiano in the Pacific Commercial Building. Keep up with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.