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(Image: Judy Devine)

Why Not Me: Let's Find Hoobert a Home

If you've been on our website, social media accounts or watched our TV show for even five minutes - you'll know immediately that we are over-the-moon obsessed with pets. Which is why we could not be more excited to partner with Pawsitive Alliance for their #WhyNotMePets campaign, that spotlights animals from all sorts of rescues around the state who need an extra paw in getting adopted. These animals aren't the puppies or kitties that get snatched up right away, they're usually pets who have lived through some tough stuff in this crazy world of ours. And guess what? Those are the ones who desperately need a loving family! So share this post, click the forward button - heck, call someone up on the phone who may be interested! Let's find these pets the homes they deserve.

Meet Hoobert, a 2.5 year old Shepherd Mix who has been waiting for a home for 7 months.

While Benton-Franklin Humane has been taking wonderful care of him, shelter life has been rough on Hoobert - who came to them as a stray. One of the main reasons is probably that this GOOD BOY loves to run and move! He's looking for an active family who isn't afraid to play with him.

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He loves tennis balls. Not necessarily playing fetch, but just holding them in his mouth :)

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He's super attentive and very, very smart. He also loves bones and long runs, but is a little wary about other dog friends - so he's probably do best as the only pup in a home.

If you're interested in this dapper gent, come by the humane society in Kennewick for a meet and greet. As we mentioned above, Hoobert is not loving shelter life, and is on meds for some stress. Because of this, he doesn't "show" well at the shelter meet and greet visits, which is making it hard for him to find a home.

So we beg of you, watch the above video! Look at the photos! Take a chance! This boy is a young, active, fun dog who just needs a real home to shine.

Contact Benton-Franklin Humane Society for more info on Hoobert at 509-374-4235 or email