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(Image: Mandy Clementine)

PNW Mobile Spa: New Seattle company brings the spa to you

Going to the spa is an experience in and of itself, but what if you brought the spa to you?

Well, it's a thing! Justin and Ana are a husband-wife duo who got the idea to create the PNW Mobile Spa, LLC, while in quarantine. Essentially, they created a mobile non-inflatable hot tub spa they can bring right to you — no masks or social distancing required to get that quintessential spa experience!

They officially launched the PNW Mobile Spa on Jan. 11, and they've already had more than 30 bookings. Their motto? "You pick the setting, we bring the spa. Relaxation just became portable."

This experience is available in two sizes with three different packages, and setup only takes about 30 minutes. When the rental date expires (two days up to one month), they will break down the spa, and it'll be as if it was never there.

Other experience highlights include:

  • Water delivered at a temperature of 100 degrees
  • Clean, pre-treated and heated water every time
  • No harsh chemicals like community spas
  • Options for aromatherapy add-ons

Visit for booking and more information.