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(Image: Seattle Refined).
(Image: Seattle Refined).
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We Drink 'A Damn Fine Glass of Wine' with Actor & Winemaker Kyle MacLachlan

Our fearless photog, super eater, and now wine connoisseur, John Prentice, headed east to Walla Walla to wine taste with actor and winemaker, Kyle MacLachlan.

Kyle MacLachlan may be famous around the world for his roles on TV and the silver screen, but around here he's known for something else - MacLachlan is a winemaker.

"Wine is about people. It's about people coming together, for example, you and I have never met but now here we are sharing a glass of wine, its fantastic. Its about sharing, its about a conversation, its about a story," said MacLachlan.

Prentice and the Twin Peaks actor talked about MacLachlan's career while sharing a glass of vino.

"Growing up in Yakima I participated in Plays and the Musicals at my high school, but when I went to University of Washington I was involved with theater a little but never really understood how I could make a living as an actor."

"The big break would be being cast in DUNE, which was in 1983 and also directed by David Lynch, that's where the relationship started professional and friendship. A surprising amount of people come up to me for my early work in Dune, or Blue Velvet then there's unusual fans who follow agents of Shield and how I met your mother but Twin peaks is the big one especially with the re-boot."

But, one of his true passions is wine. Becoming a wine maker was just the next logical step in his career.

"The first wine is called Pursued by Bear, and people always say were you chased by a bear? No, but I have been in close proximity to bears in Yosemite, but that's another story for another day. It's a stage direction from Shakespeare's winter's tale.. The entire stage direction is the actor is chased off stage by a bear and meets an untimely end but if you're an English major or Shakespeare Scholar you'll get it."

"What's happened with the wine journey is I've suddenly returned to place and I see it with a different prospective completely," said MacLachlan. "I've made great friends here in the Walla Walla wine world and I'm an ambassador of sorts because when I go home to New York City or Los Angeles spread the good work about everyone about Washington Wine and how beautiful it is here on the east side."

There's more where that came from, but ya gotta watch the clips folks. All we gotta say is that, Kyle MacLachlan...that's a Damn Fine glass of Wine.