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(Image: GetCenturyLink)

Can you guess Washington's favorite viral video?

Did you know Youtube is 14 years old? I can't decide whether that makes me feel old or young - I honestly can't remember a time without that magical video platform.

To celebrate, the people over at GetCenturyLink Analysis crunched the numbers to look at which viral video was the most popular in each state.

Before we tell you - what is your guess? Charlie Bit Me? Friday by Rebecca Black? Honey Badger?

While each of those are amazing in their own right, according to the data Washington's favorite viral video is....

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife!

The clip of an interview with Antoine Dodson, brother of a woman whose house was broken into in 2012, issues a severe warning to his neighborhood to watch out for the perpetrator who got away. It's widely considered one of the best news interviews ever.

And Washington is not alone! Alabama, Louisiana, South Caroline and Tennessee all agree that Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife is the best viral video.

Check out their full rundown online to see which video was the most popular per state.