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Free Comic Book Day

Your guide to Free Comic Book Day this Saturday

It’s like Christmas in May! Free Comic Book Day is the biggest holiday for comic book fans and a great time for the curious to see what all the love is about. The first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day at participating comic book specialty shops across the country. You can stop by these shops and pick up free comic books! It’s the industry’s way of saying thank you to current fans, welcoming new readers and supporting brick-and-mortar shops.

Yes, there’s a free comic book for you! Of course, there are superhero books, but there’s also a massive selection of books including science-fiction, popular video games and history. If you love superhero movies and shows, this is a great time to check out the books where they were born and discover new characters that you might be cheering for in the future. Books are event color-coded: Green for all ages, Blue for Teens and up, Red for 18 and up.

Before I get into some picks, let’s get into – so how do I score some of these free comics? What do I need to know?

Find a Shop:

First up, visit, plug in your zip code in the Find a Shop. This will show you participating local stores.

Know before you go:

Different shops have different rules. There is usually a limit on how many books you can have. Some shops may extend the list if you also buy some books.

Once you see a local store, check out the shop’s website. They will have guidelines posted and may have some great specials and special guests. Writers and artists of some of the biggest comic books are based in the Pacific Northwest, so there’s a chance you might be able to meet them and have your book signed.

Support the Shop:

Buy something. Not a rule, just a suggestion. Along with the freebies, buy some comics and some of the other cool offerings like games, gear, toys and other cool collectibles at the shop. These brick-and-mortar stores are part of the heartbeat of the comic book industry. When you cheer on popular characters in big films and streaming shows, remember they all started on the pages of books sold in stores like these.

Be You:

Be yourself or be yourself in costume! FCBD is a great day to see cosplayers at their best. You’ve seen the Comic-Con galleries. There’s a good chance you will see a fan in costume as their favorite character in line or at the shop. Have an open mind. Be curious. Ask for comic suggestions from the friendly staff.

What Kind of Books:

These are just free books that are unsold extras – many are original stories by top writers and artists created just for FCBD!

The biggest story from Marvel Comics of 2022 kicks off on FCBD. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: AVENGERS/X-MEN is the start of a major epic with the Eternals vs. X-Men – with Avengers in the middle trying to keep the peace or – will they take a side? FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: MARVEL VOICES #1 with new and recent stories spotlighting characters and creators from different communities, cultures and identities including Pacific Northwest-based artist Jeffrey Veregee. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: SPIDER-MAN/VENOM includes a new story starring the web-slinger.

Fans of STRANGER THINGS, DOCTOR WHO, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, DONALD DUCK and even THE THREE STOOGES. Whovians will want to see a new story starring The Fugitive Doctor jumping her debut on the beloved sci-fi show.

If you’re new to comics, ask the shop staff for recommendations.

Mark your calendars for May 7, bring friends and family after you locate your participating shop. Enjoy the free comics and don’t forget to buy a new book as a thank you back to the shops, staff and publishers. Enjoy free comic book day!

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