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Why Not Me: Let's Find Tulip a Home

If you've been on our website, social media accounts or watched our TV show for even five minutes - you'll know immediately that we are over-the-moon obsessed with pets. Which is why we could not be more excited to partner with Pawsitive Alliance for their #WhyNotMePets campaign, that spotlights animals from all sorts of rescues around the state who need an extra paw in getting adopted. These animals aren't the puppies or kitties that get snatched up right away, they're usually pets who have lived through some tough stuff in this crazy world of ours. And guess what? Those are the ones who desperately need a loving family! So share this post, click the forward button - heck, call someone up on the phone who may be interested! Let's find these pups the homes they deserve.

Meet Tulip O'Hare, our #WhyNotMe Pet of the Week. Tulip is a young gal, just shy of two years old. She is a Pit Bull mix and is very playful and totally lovable.

She is being housed at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond and is fostered with many other dogs and boy - does she love the company.

When Tulip was a puppy she and her brothers suffered from parvo. Parvo is a highly contagious virus that causes infectious gastrointestinal illness in puppies and young dogs. Without treatment, parvo can be deadly. Although all her brothers died from the virus, Tulip survived. Now she's completely healed and healthy, but because of her quarantine as a puppy, she is still learning her social skills around others.

A good home for her would be one with continued socialization. She loves to play with dogs of all sizes, but due to her own size and zesty demeanor, she should be monitored while playing with smaller dogs. Because of her isolation as a puppy, Tulip would truly thrive in a home with another large breed companion.

"She really relies on and takes cues from her 'big' brothers and sisters. She gets very excited when she sees other dogs, and other people and dogs may be worried about her behavior and silly whining noises," says the team from Pawsitive Alliance. "She is not aggressive with other dogs, just desperate to get near them and say hello!"

Being around other dogs reduces her anxiety and she is able to chill and hang out. She does need a little extra help, taking prozac to aid some anxiety, but it's just to make her more comfortable and give her the best quality of life.

Despite her large size, Tulip is still very much a puppy with lots of playful energy. She likes to run it off at daycare or playing with her foster siblings. Still yet, she might even have some energy left over when she gets home. Tulip will thrive in an active household where she can walk, jog or hike with you.

This gorgeous gal is incredibly smart and knows her training but needs a home where the rules are strongly enforced. She knows to sit, wait and heel but her new family will need to continue this education and structure for her.

In her fostering, Tulip has lived with kids, dogs and cats and has been very successful although she does like to chase cats. Best case scenario is an active home with a big friendly dog brother or sister and no cats. Tulip is also crate trained, so she sleeps in the crate and eats in her crate. She will run to her crate and sit and wait for her meals.

Could Tulip be a great match for you and your family?! Get to know more about her by visiting Motley Zoo Animal Rescue's website.