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(Image: Pasado's Safe Haven)

Why Not Me: Let's Find Violet a Home

If you've been on our website, social media accounts or watched our TV show for even five minutes - you'll know immediately that we are over-the-moon obsessed with pets. Which is why we could not be more excited to partner with Pawsitive Alliance for their #WhyNotMePets campaign, that spotlights animals from all sorts of rescues around the state who need an extra paw in getting adopted. These animals aren't the puppies or kitties that get snatched up right away, they're usually pets who have lived through some tough stuff in this crazy world of ours. And guess what? Those are the ones who desperately need a loving family! So share this post, click the forward button - heck, call someone up on the phone who may be interested! Let's find these pups the homes they deserve.

In a very special addition of Why Not Me - we have VIOLET THE PIG!

While we usually only take dogs and cats as part of this program, we couldn't help but make an exception for sweet Violet - especially because she is especially dog-like.

About 120-130 pounds Violet has been at Pasado's Safe Haven for about six months.

"She came to us from a family who had her and they had dogs, and Violet and the dogs did not get along," said Rachel Stevenson, a caregiver at Pasado's. "And they didn’t have a safe way to separate them, so they were looking for other options for Violet that would still keep her in a loving family."

But don't worry, she's not anti-dog! Her new home can have canine friends, she just needs to be able to have her own space.

She loves people, scratches, and snacking (she is, after all, a pig)! Berries in particular are her absolute favorite.

"[She's] definitely a princess," said Stevenson. "She wants to be somebody’s whole world."

Never had a pig before? That's ok! Violet would be a good beginner pig because she is so good with people, and doesn't have a lot of behavior problems.

"We provide a lot of different resources and trainings for adopters if they haven’t owned a farm animal before to help them learn how to navigate," said Stevenson.

She's "somewhat" harness-trained, and lets you put it on and off pretty easily. If you have snacks in your pocket, you better believe she'll follow you around everywhere! The perfect home for Violet would probably be somewhere with a yard - she'd love to follow you around, helping with the gardening or just going out to get the mail.

"I always really enjoy having her around because she’s so interactive," said Stevenson. "When we put down new shavings or hay, Violet does this cute little excited dance and then throws herself into the pile."

Just like a loyal dog, she will run to greet you and sniff your face with her adorable wiggly piggie nose when you get home. She has such a big personality, and would make a great pet for people who can spend some time with her and shower her with love.

If you're interested in adding Violet to your family, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire online or email