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(Image courtesy of Seattle Humane)

Why Not Me: Let's Find Elvis a Home

If you've been on our website, social media accounts or watched our TV show for even five minutes - you'll know immediately that we are over-the-moon obsessed with pets. Which is why we could not be more excited to partner with Pawsitive Alliance for their #WhyNotMePets campaign, that spotlights animals from all sorts of rescues around the state who need an extra paw in getting adopted. These animals aren't the puppies or kitties that get snatched up right away, they're usually pets who have lived through some tough stuff in this crazy world of ours. And guess what? Those are the ones who desperately need a loving family! So share this post, click the forward button - heck, call someone up on the phone who may be interested! Let's find these pets the homes they deserve.

Meet this sweet older kit kat, Elvis, who is having a hard time finding a furever home.

Elvis was originally at Auburn Valley Humane Society but needed some more exposure so has made the trek to live with our pals over at Seattle Humane Society.

Elvis was surrendered when her owner passed away, and you can tell that she is missing that special bond. At 10 years young, she's a senior kitty, but still very interactive and will get up to do a *BIG* stretch before coming to greet you with meeeeews as you walk in the room!

Yes, she is a playful gal, but she's also a bit of a napper, and likes her space and alone time. There's definitely potential to get along with another cat, as long as he/she gives her some space.

She is a total queen and has a lot of love to give - but can get a little overstimulated. Elvis would thrive in a home with older children or an experienced cat owner who will recognize when she is done with getting attention.

When you meet her, don't forget to indulge her in chin rubs!

Interested in Elvis? Fill out a Pre-Adoption Questionnaire online, email or call (425) 641-0080.