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The Space Needle reflects in raindrops on a window in Seattle. (Photo: Lien Titus)

Wettest May in Seattle since the 1940s

We know! It rains in Seattle. Big whoop.

But did this May just feel extra dreary, drippy and gray? It's not in your head. Seattle had its most May rainfall since the 1940s. So if you were born after 1948, this has been the wettest Seattle May of your lifetime.

If you lived in Seattle in May of 1948 or prior, please tell us if people debated umbrellas back then, when gas was $0.26 per gallon (but that's for another article).

So far this month, Seattle has recorded 3.79" of rain, making it the wettest May in 74 years, according to the National Weather Service. The wettest May was in 1948 with 4.76" of rain. Record keeping started at Sea-Tac Airport in 1945.

This year is a La NiƱa year, which typically results in a colder and wetter winter.

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