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(Image: Carly MacKinnon / Seattle Refined)

Study says Washington is the 7th Most Fun State in the U.S.

Who said you need sun to have fun?! Partially kidding here — it really doesn't rain quite as much as people tend to make it seem...(don't come for me).

But all jokes aside, our beautiful Evergreen State has just been ranked the 7th most fun state in the country, by the personal finance website WalletHub. And, we have to agree. I mean, we've got it all: city, mountain, ocean, forest, rain, sunshine, snow, you name it! How could this place not be an absolute blast?

Yes, we are a Seattle-based publication covering the Pacific Northwest, so I can see how this might seem biased... but it's not, it's simply a fact. Ask the folks at WalletHub.

They compared each state across 26 metrics. Here's how Washington ranked:

  • 11th in restaurants per capita
  • 8th in movie theaters per capita
  • 30th in golf courses and country clubs per capita
  • 9th in performing arts theaters per capita
  • 12th in fitness centers per capita
  • 19th in access to national parks
  • 9th in casinos per capita
  • 25th in variety of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments

Hey, we'll take it! Check out the full report online.