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The Nudge Seattle (Image: The Nudge)
The Nudge Seattle (Image: The Nudge)
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This app will 'Nudge' you into adventure this winter

We all have that planner friend. You know the one: they tell you where to meet for happy hour, when to show up for movie night and which trail you’re hiking that weekend. For anyone who suffers from decision overload (or the opposite), having someone to tell you exactly what to do—and how to do it— is a blessing.

That’s what the founders of The Nudge, a mobile app, introduced to Seattle. The Nudge is a free app that sends users three texts a week offering ideas for things to do in their city. Plans cover everything from beginners snowshoeing, to a visit to the Nordic Center, to a weekend getaway for wine tasting.

“In terms of all of the content we send, we basically put everything in the plan or the text that you would need to know to really do that thing,” said Sarah Peterson, who founded the company alongside her brother, John.

So, when you’re sitting at home on a Thursday night wondering what to do that weekend, your new “planner friend” already has it mapped out. It sends you a text detailing your plan (like a hike to Colchuck Lake) that includes where to park, what time you should leave and the best spot for a post-trek brew.

The goal? To get people off their phone and into the world. Since many millennials only have a few precious hours of free time, The Nudge hopes to help them make the most of it. The founders know of plenty of adventurers in Seattle aching to do just that, which is why they decided to make it the second city to expand to after launching in San Francisco.

“Every time I go on vacation... we always spend so much time and effort planning what we’re going to do and everyone really rallies around it. And then it’s kind of sad that we don’t do that in our normal lives, in our normal cities,” Sarah said. “Our lives would be so much more fulfilled and more meaningful if we had that same initiative week-to-week in our own cities.”

That initiative is something Seattleites are certainly capable of (we are the fifth-best city for an active lifestyle, after all). But in practice? Well, it’s much easier to just put on Netflix. If you’re seeking something other than streaming, though, the app makes it so there’s no excuse not to explore a new wine bar or rally friends to watch the sunset.

Plus, they won’t recommend a shoddy spot. The Nudge doesn’t take money from the bars, restaurants or concert venues they include. Plans are created by local Seattle ambassadors who have done most of the experience themselves and would recommend it to a friend.

It’s also a great option if you’re trying to meet people (Seattle did earn the title of the worst city for dating in America, yay). Members are invited to occasional events like outdoor yoga, cocktail-making classes and exclusive concerts. In the near future, Seattle nudgers should be on the lookout for plans for volunteering during the holiday season and fall date night ideas.