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Central Perk at The FRIENDS Experience 5. Photo credit Original X Productions.jpg
(Image: Original X Productions)

Could you BE more excited for 'The FRIENDS Experience' in Seattle?

So no one told you about The FRIENDS Experience: The one in Seattle?

Here's your chance to travel back in time to the late 90s and clap along to the iconic theme song.

If you've ever wished you could snag a cup of joe from Central Perk, kick back in Joey and Chandler's chairs, or stand in Monica's kitchen screaming, "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" - here is your chance. You can even snag a photo sitting on the iconic orange couch and dance in front of the fountain!

You basically get to explore set recreations from the show, re-living your favorite Friends moments, except this time you're the main character!

There will also be original props, costumes, and a whole retail store! Because how could you walk away without your very own Central Perk mug?

The FRIENDS Experience comes to downtown Seattle's Pacific Place on Feb. 1, 2023 and tickets are on sale now here.