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Seattle's Papersalt is sharing inspiration from coast to coast

I think we can all agree that the world needs a little more good; a bit more inspiration with real-world sense. We each try, in our own way, but when a business makes it their mission to instill good through a creative product line, that is truly commendable!

Papersalt has done just that. Inspiration took flight in 2011 when a trio of minds from Seattle’s Revolution (a design and printing company) met to brainstorm a new business.

“The idea [for Papersalt] was to take our family experiences, combined with the skills and equipment we already had (like researching, writing, designing and printing content), and create a new product line,” said Jim McCall, one of the company's founding partners. "[We wanted] to use our capabilities to put more ‘good’ content out into the world”.

In early 2012, Papersalt’s first book, “Being a Girl,” was released. Soon after “Being a Teenage Girl”, “Being a Boy”, and “Being a Teenage Boy” followed.

Each draws the Papersalt writing team’s collective parenting knowledge (between them, they have 17 children!)

The book line has exploded to cover both inspirational and educational content. With really heavy uncoated paper and wire-o binding, Papersalt’s books are a perfect gift for occasions throughout the year. They have books for new parents and newlyweds; and children’s books that cover topics like bullying, the solar system, and the presidents. The inspirational messages in Papersalt’s books extend to lunch notes, greeting cards, stickers, and more. Truly, they offer a smile and wisdom in each of their beautiful products.

['Don't make him a saint': Mrs. Rogers' one request of new documentary on her husband]

Papersalt’s success, of course, is due to their content and quality production, but it wouldn’t be a true success without the heart behind each page.

“While it’s four of us at Papersalt who write most of the content,” said McCall. “We involve our families in everything from bouncing ideas off them, to working with us at tradeshows and holiday markets, to writing portions or all of books.”

In fact, McCall’s daughter Paige, has written two books herself - “Being a Big Sister" and “Social," and and his daughter, Annie covers all Papersalt’s social media. And when it comes to tradeshows and holiday markets everyone is involved!

Which brings to light Papersalt’s most recent news! This year they are part of the Bryant Park Holiday Market in New York City. Styled after a European open-air market, this market welcomes creators to set up shop throughout Bryant Park’s allées and terraces. The Papersalt team recently returned from constructing their booth which turned out to be quite the task of willpower and persistence as it happened in the middle of a storm. Here’s to more friendly winter weather as Papersalt pedals their wares to shoppers from near and far. You can catch a live cam of the market and skating rink at Bryant Park here. What a place to visit during the Christmas season!

Papersalt also features Mister Rogers and his inspirational work on a number of products and they have partnered with Kelly Seigel, a mixed-media artist, to create gorgeous decals, cards, magnets, and more. Bob Ross inspiration will be next!

If you are looking to support a local, small business this holiday season, you can purchase Papersalt products at a number of retailers or directly from Papersalt. Trust me, a simple browse of their site will leave you feeling inspired and ready to share “the good” we all crave add Papersalt to your gift-giving list for sure!