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Can you bare it? Seattle woman stars in Discovery+'s show 'Naked and Afraid of Love'

Dating reality shows — the guilty pleasure we hate to love, most of the time.

When we think of dating shows, typically, what comes to mind are beautiful clothes, extravagant dates and over-the-top production. But what if all of that was stripped away? Quite...literally.

That's exactly what happens on "Naked and Afraid of Love," a new dating show from Discovery+ that premiered on Sunday, Aug. 22. This show follows 16 naked strangers on their journey to, hopefully, find love without all the luxuries of modern dating — with no food, water or clothes readily available.

Well, one of those 16 people just happens to be local 32-year-old Britt Whitmire, who is currently in the process of moving to Los Angeles but has lived in Seattle for the past six years.

A friend of Whitmire suggested she apply for the show after seeing a casting call on Facebook looking for adventurous singles.

"I honestly didn't think that I would end up getting selected and casted, but here we are," she said. "This, to me, just seems like a truly different way of dating. I think that with shows like 'The Bachelor' and most of the dating shows are out there, they continually add things to it, right? So you're adding, you know, your cocktail dresses, your alcohol, all these games, whatever it may be. But with this, you're taking everything away, literally everything, so it eliminates a lot of distractions. It kind of forces you to be put into an element that is truly authentic."

"Naked and Afraid of Love" is Whitmire's first time on a TV show. And while she felt some nerves and anxiety going into the experience, it had little to do with the nudity aspect of the show.

"The nudity piece isn't intended to be sexual. And I understand that a lot of people are associating that because you're dating," she said. "I am comfortable being naked. However, I did have a moment where I was kind of getting nervous about what other people would think of me, and then again, I had to take that step back, get out of my own head and just be confident in the decision that I made."

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Unlike traditional dating or dating apps, "Naked and Afraid of Love" takes away the superficial and forces participants to be vulnerable in more ways than one.

"It's dating backward, right? So in the sense that being naked is typically kind of the end game, but with this, it's really the start of it all," said Whitmire. "So it's, you know, we're showing ourselves physically and metaphorically, and you're gonna see a different yet very honest portrayal of how love can blossom."

Whitmire said she took a lot of lessons from this experience, and however crazy it may have been, she'd do it all again. She said she is proud of herself for having the courage to put herself out there in this way and how she stayed true to herself throughout the process.

"As the show continues to air, you'll see a lot more of that and a lot more of my depth and substance," she said, "which I'm excited for people to see, but I'm proud of the fact that I stay true to myself and I listened to my gut, my instinct."

"Naked and Afraid of Love" is streaming on Discovery+.