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Seattle-based Loopie is like the Uber of laundry

From what I hear, you either despise doing laundry or you love it and find it therapeutic.

I love it. I mean, who doesn't love a fresh pile of clean and neatly folded laundry?

Whichever category you fall into, Loopie is for you.

Founded in Seattle in 2018, Loopie is the first on-demand mobile laundry delivery solution.

Think of it like the Uber of laundry.

"I started working on Loopie when I was working in the restaurant industry during my breaks between shifts. I worked closely with the food delivery applications, so I was very aware of the early gig economy mobile application ecosystem in Seattle," said Loopie owner, John Lee. "I also had to wash my uniform for the restaurants I worked at and at the time I lived in an apartment in Seattle that did not have an in-unit washer and dryer."

"One week, both of the machines in the basement's shared laundry room where I lived at the time were out of order, which helped to spark my imagination on the concept of building an on-demand laundry service that utilizes the UberEats model," said Lee.

Here’s how it works

  • Customers can place an order on the mobile app. For first-time customers, they ask that the laundry be loaded into 13-gallon kitchen trash bags and labeled with the customer's name prior to pick up. The order will be returned in two complimentary Loopie duffel bags that are yours to use for all future orders.
  • To become a certified Loopie washer, just follow the links on our website and fill in the application. You will then be invited to an orientation and need to pass a test order to make sure that you can produce the high-quality final product needed to be a Loopie washer. Once the test order is passed, you will begin receiving offers for real orders!
  • All detergent and other materials needed to properly handle and process Loopie orders are provided to the washers. This includes PPE and sanitizing materials.

"The fact that Loopie is able to contribute to our community in this way with every order is what I think I love most about our company, whether that's making the lives of our Certified Washers easier by giving them a new opportunity to earn income by washing and folding clothes, or if it's adding value to our customers by saving them time doing laundry," said Lee.

As of today, Loopie is active in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Diego.

To use the service or become a washer, visit