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Rose Recap: Who is Fake, Who is Real and Who Really Cares?

Every week before the next episode, we hold a Bachelor Round Table with our staff to recap the last episode and guess as to what's coming. If you want more #BachelorRoundtable, join our Facebook group - where we post rankings, discussions, and general Bachelor Nation gossip all week long. Our Round Table is made up of TV producers Jenna Luthman, Brandon Burnstead and web editors Britt Thorson and Gena Wynkoop.

Brandon: The drama is heating up on 'The Bachelor', this week a country music superstar gets in on the action, but first we have to talk about last week because there were tears flowing. Before we get to the drama, let's talk about a really lovely One-on-One date: Peter and Victoria P.

Jenna: Peter said that he really likes line dancing, it's one of his favorite things? I thought he was Cuban, and more into the Cuban style of dancing, but apparnerly he likes line dancing - I did not see that coming.

Brandon: Who knew that Westlake Village, a suburb of Los Angeles, had such a robust line dancing scene. They go to a bar, and this place is packed.

Gena: The boy looked fine a hell in that red flannel, I'll just say it right now.

Jenna: Victoria and Peter hit it off, they have a great time - they even have a little bit more of a connection because she opens up to him about kind of a troubled past.

Britt: It felt really real, it felt really raw and emotional. I came away from it really really liking that girl, and she might now be in my Top 3 I think.

Jenna: Back at the mansion they're still trying to unravel this whole Champagne Gate thing, or as Hannah Ann likes to call it - Champagne Fanasco.

Britt: Kelsey you're at the bottom of my list. I know she's getting a bad edit, but also - I really dislike that gal.

Brandon: Hannah Ann and Kelsey may have been the players in the Champagne Gate drama, but we get some more drama and this time it's Sydney and Alayah who come to the forefront with a real battle royale.

Gena: At first I thought Sydney was just kind of coming at Alayah a little bit personally and I didn't really think that Alayah was that bad, but then more and more women start coming out of the woodwork about how Alayah is in the house. Is she there for the right reasons? I don't know.

Jenna: I think the quickest way to settle something in a house, is a pillow fight. And that's when our girl Demi comes back.

Brandon: Here's my thing about the pillow fight. There weren't any rules to speak of. We don't know who won, who lost - eventually Sydney and Alayah are just back in the ring fighting each other because producers clearing thought 'Let's run it back.'

Britt: Sydney thinks that Alayah is too prim and proper, too perfect and is putting on a show.

Jenna: The best part is when they're on a Group Date, and Sydney just asks her point blank "Do you have a job?"

Britt: Sydney decides to do what most of the righteous defenders in seasons past do, which is she feels the need to take this to Peter. She needs to warn him, she needs to save him, she needs to tell him that Alayah is not here for the right reasons.

Brandon: Here's where the twist is. Normally in this situation the Bachelor would use his deductive powers to try to suss this out a little bit more cautiously. Peter on the other hand decides to take it right to the group, and asks Sydney to name names in front of everyone.

Jenna: Then we get to the pool party - supposed to be fun, that's when Peter really wants to ask everybody whether they like Alayah.

Gena: And also, more information comes out about Alayah. She actually knew Victoria P. beforehand. Alayah asked Victoria to not tell people they knew each other before the show, which is really shady and weird.

Jenna: Then Peter makes an executive decision to actually do something and not give her a rose.

Britt: So for the first time in modern history, the same time we get a villain, the Bachelor sends home said villain instead of keeping them around for weeks and weeks. Or does he? Because he sends her home, and then we see in previews that she might be back...

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