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Credit: Maddison Newell

My evening at the Seattle Aquarium 'After Hours: Dive Bar'

If you've ever wanted to enjoy the wonders of the Seattle Aquarium, but didn't feel like fighting through a sea of children to catch a glimpse of the giant Pacific octopus, your time is now.

I attended their recent 21+ event "After Hours: Dive Bar" and had a blast exploring exhibits, admiring the sunset and getting up close and personal with harbor seals while sipping on cocktails.

As if that alone wasn't reason enough to attend, I also got the opportunity to do arts and crafts, learn about the importance of salmon migration and listen to incredible live music!

If you missed out this time, fear not! The next 21+ event is "After Hours: Halloween" on Oct. 26.

Can you think of a better way to celebrate spooky season than nighttime at the Seattle Aquarium? I cannot.

Visit the Seattle Aquarium online here.