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Proxi maps out Seattle's best trick-or-treat spots

Here's some sweet news for parents this season: a map that pinpoints the best places to trick-or-treat.

The interactive map from Seattle-based Proxi shows cute icons to represent the best spots for fall foliage, favorite pumpkin patches, spooky haunts and trick-or-treating streets.

Longtime friends Melinda Haughey and Chelsey Roney are the Seattle duo behind Proxi. They were inspired by the uncertainty of Halloween 2020 and a need for normalcy during the pandemic. So they mapped out spots still making Halloween happen during social distancing. Through the power of crowdsourcing, their first map included more than 2,000 Seattle-area homes and had a half-million views. The friends knew they were onto something.

Their first collaborative map was such a hit, it spawned into a tech startup with a team of employees and investors.

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The user experience is simple and intuitive. You can click on Seattle's Halloween Map HERE (also embedded below) and navigate the map through the pinned icons.

Once you click the icon, an info bar appears on the left to provide the address and things you should know (like XL candy bars in Wallingford!).

Users can also create their own map, perhaps for a family camping trip or progressive dinner in the neighborhood. What will you map?