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'Our Stories Are Your Stories' campaign launches in honor of AAPI Heritage Month

A campaign has recently launched to amplify the experiences and voices of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to help foster cultural empathy and connection — it's called "Our Stories Are Your Stories."

"Five weeks ago, this was an idea dreamed of by five AAPI women. Now, it's an honor to share the expansiveness and complexity of our AAPI community through the joy of storytelling," said Betti Fujikado of Copacino Fujikado.

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, this campaign will feature a video series highlighting local AAPI leaders and public figures and their stories - like former Seattle Seahawks player Doug Baldwin, who shares memories of his Filipina grandmother and her cooking.

The "Our Stories Are Your Stories" campaign is also accepting story submissions from community members. The video stories will be preserved at the Wing Luke Museum in its oral history archive.

"The increase in anti-Asian racism and xenophobia this past year has opened deep wounds in the AAPI community and served as a painful reminder of the persistence of discrimination," a press release stated.

Through this campaign, the hope is to replace hate with empathy and ignorance with understanding. Other goals include:

  • Supporting the AAPI community.
  • Serving as a reminder that the AAPI community is not alone.
  • Showcasing the AAPI experience to dispel misconceptions.
  • Celebrate representation from different cultures.

You can join the campaign by sharing AAPI story videos and amplifying AAPI voices on social media by tagging @winglukemuseum and @OurStoriesAreYourStories and using #OSAYS. Learn more about the campaign and find video submission guidelines online.