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(Image: Cody Brecht / Kitsap Humane Society)

Local dog competing in 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

Sometimes around the office we joke that we don't have a ton of "celebrities" here in the PNW, so we are hyper aware of when Russell Wilson, Ciara or Macklemore make ANY moves...

Well, time to add Otis to the list of personalities we stalk online for life updates!

Otis is a pug/chihuahua mix from Seattle making his national television debut this Sunday, Feb. 16 & Monday, Feb. 17 during the 2020 American Rescue Dog Show on the Hallmark Channel.

Take one look at this little dude, and just GUESS what category he will be competing in.

If you guessed "Best in Underbite" - well my golly you're right!

Producers of the show saw Otis' jutting underbite, where else, on his Instagram account (@the_littlest_o) and knew they had to have him. After conferring with his handlers and negotiating his contract (salmon treats and toys shaped as pizzas were a must), his team accepted and Otis and his adopter, Cody Brecht, packed up and headed to Los Angeles.

Cody adopted Otis from the Kitsap Humane Society in 2017, after he had been found by KHS Animal Control Officers in an abandoned Suquamish house with his brother. Despite his ordeal, he was healthy and cute as could be. Brecht saw Otis on KHS's website, and it was love at first site (as an aside, Otis' unique underbite didn't emerge until he was 6 months old). The rest - Instagram account, national TV shows - is history!

The competition was pre-recorded, so technically Brecht & Otis already know the outcome, but have to keep their underbites sealed while the rest of America watches his category, and others like Snoring, Couch Potato, Talking, Wrinkles and Wiggling.

Everyone join me in wishing Otis good luck! If this face can't bring home the gold in "Best in Underbite"!

The 2020 American Rescue Dog Show airs at 8 p.m. this Sunday, Feb. 16 and Monday, Feb. 17 on the Hallmark Channel.